A couple of days ago, I read an article titled ‘Developer Tip to Save your Eyes’. Judging by the title, it seemed to me that this article would discuss about how long the software developers regularly stare on screens for long hours, its effect on our eyes and remedies to counter the ill effects of it.

I was surprised to uncover its contents! The article was just about 2 minutes of read and its contents can be summarized in a sentence: Set the font-size of your code-editor (or IDE) to 16px and experience the difference!

This statement served both as a seed and a catalyst for my thoughts and train of thought began to run in my brain. It made sense, by having larger fonts, you have less information displayed on your screen. With less information to process and filter out, your brain energy can be dispensed on more important tasks such as problem solving or software development, rather than filtering out irrelevant data from your screen. But then why stop at code-editor itself? Apply this principle to every aspect of your digital screens. Your terminal font-size, web-browser fonts, document editors etc.

I’ve been trying this for a couple of days and I already feel some difference in my metal calmness. I feel the information on the screen is clean and understandable. I’m planning to try this out for a month and evaluate if it has any real effect on my mental powers. Why don’t you also give it a try and share how you feel?

Oh, and by the way, here’s a type-face optimized for Software Development: Hack.

Happy Coding!

Nom Nom

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