Answer this question to yourself: What’s the maximum number of times you should open your phone in a day 🤔 ? How many times do you really open your phone in a day? The answer might be surprising 😮.

How many times have you opened your phone, got drifted into WhatsApp messages, groups, or random articles, and forgot why you opened your phone in the first place? Happens to me most of the time.

It’s not your fault! A lot of these apps are designed to retain your attention as much as possible. They design user interfaces and content such…

Sharing my personal notes that I made while watching interesting talks of CDK Day 2021.


I recently attended the virtual Cross-Platform Mobile Development Summit 2020 and here are my short notes, resources & a list of people to follow in case you’re interested in learning more about the topics listed. This blog post is divided into two main parts: React Native & Flutter.

React Native

Learn Once, write anywhere

  • React native is not a hybrid solution, transpiled language nor completely native.
  • React Native is bundled, i.e. it interacts with native the mobile APIs. Bundlers for React Native: Metro(default), Expo.
  • Nowadays, with a single React Native codebase, you can not only create Android & iOS apps, but also web, Windows & macOS…

Sometimes you want to have different versions of Node.js on your dev machine. For example, on my MacBook, the default node version was 10.22. I wanted to try the ES6 modules feature, which is supported since node v13.2 without requiring the use of the experimental-module flag. When I checked the Node.js website for the latest Node.js versions, I found two versions which I was interested in: v 14.15 & v15.3.

Node Version Manager helps you install & use different node versions. Let’s quickly walk through the steps of how we can install and use these two new node versions.


What do you think the output of the code below will be 🤔 ?

const myName: string = 'John';
myName = 'Eric';

You guessed it right 👍 We can’t change the value of a constant variable after it has been declared and assigned. Here’s the error-message:

error: TS2588 [ERROR]: Cannot assign to 'myName' because it is a constant.
myName = 'Eric';
at file:///home/runner/WeepyWarlikeVirus/index.ts:2:1
exit status 1

The same rule applies to boolean & number data-types.

const myAge: number = 34;
const isFemale: boolean = true;
myAge = 23;
isFemale = false;

But what happens when you to try to…

Preparing for the Finnish YKI intermediate level (B1) exam requires persistent hard work. However, with proper planning and execution, you can do it! Also, if you live in Finland, you’ll start understanding the world around you, which is great 😃 In this blog, I will share my tips on how you can prepare for the exam!

Ready? Let’s Go 🚀

The preparation can be broken down into two parts:

  1. Language Foundations
  2. Prep for Exam

Language Foundations

Language foundations are all about building the essential Finnish vocabulary & grammar required for the B1 level. I believe the best way to build your language foundations is by attending…


Few guidelines to secure your log-in credentials of a ton of web-services you use.

  1. Use different (strong) passwords for different web-services.
  2. Use password managers.
  3. Use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).
  4. Keep your account recovery information up-to-date.

Do you know how many digital services you use? Take a guess! Chances are that you’re using 100+ web-services & apps. Most of the web-services will ask you to create an account on their web-site. It’s not practical to remember the log-in credentials of all web-services you use. What do you do?

You use the same combination of username and password for most (if not…


Here’s a list of software tools & technologies that are popular among software developers around the world in 2018.

Full Stack Web-Development

  • Javascript, Node.js & React.
  • MongoDB, MySQL, Redis & AWS.
  • Also worth knowing: Typescript, Docker, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL & Elasticsearch.

In the Python programming language community, Django is the popular choice for implementing web-services.

Mobile Apps

  • For creating Android apps, Kotlin & Java are the officially supported programming languages.

Machine Learning & AI

  • Python, Tensorflow & PyTorch

Java Platform

  • For creating software applications for the Java platform, Java programming language and the Spring framework are quite popular. Java is evolving quite rapidly with Java 10 being released recently.

Windows Ecosystem

  • For creating software…

Humans vs AI?

In the past 2–3 years Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gained immense popularity in the industry, media & academics. Every business wants to incorporate AI in its products, every new aspiring student wants to become an AI expert & the media can’t stop talking about it. Nations seem to be in an AI arms race & the nations which are feeling left behind in this field, are creating task forces to catch up-to speed. Tens of courses on AI are being offered, hundreds of books are published & countless articles are written (including this one). Not to forget the AI doomsday…

A couple of days ago, I read an article titled ‘Developer Tip to Save your Eyes’. Judging by the title, it seemed to me that this article would discuss about how long the software developers regularly stare on screens for long hours, its effect on our eyes and remedies to counter the ill effects of it.

I was surprised to uncover its contents! The article was just about 2 minutes of read and its contents can be summarized in a sentence: Set the font-size of your code-editor (or IDE) to 16px and experience the difference!

This statement served both as…

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